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We disrupt how private equity investments are made.

PE Gate offers something different. It brings vetted investment opportunities in private businesses to its selected accredited investors through its private investment portal (the Gate). Members are not required to make any commitments to a fund, are not charged any management fees and make the ultimate investment decisions. Opportunities are brought to Members only after a letter of intent to purchase the business has been accepted by the seller. PE Gate co-invests with its Members, takes on interim operational roles, manages the investment portfolio and earns a performance fee.

We PROVIDE TRANSPARENCY and more liquidity IN private equity INVESTMENTS.

Private equity continues to be a leading asset class for sophisticated investors. However, investors in funds have no input on the investments being made and when and if exits are realized. PE Gate provides complete transparency in the investment allowing investors to make the ultimate investment decision. Once an investment is made, a secure and private platform, the GATE, is used to communicate performance with investors and helps manage portfolio companies. Investors can use the GATE to anonymously offer privately held shares to other shareholders and Members, providing better liquidity and creating a secondary market.

Managed by private equity professionals, PE GATE offers members extensive investment and operational experience. Its network of operators help drive growth in private businesses.

Regulated by the Ontario Securities Commission as an exempt market dealer.

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We offer tailor made investment opportunities controlled by you.

We match the right investors and the right operators with the right business. Our investors are individuals, family offices and private businesses with varying investment strategies seeking private equity opportunities. PE GATE secures vetted investment opportunities to investors which fit their individual investment strategies, leads the transactions, provides in-house due diligence support, hires third party advisers, ensures financial close and manages the portfolio post-investment. PE GATE’s preference is not to charge up-front fees but to be remunerated alongside investor performance. PE GATE attracts members who are accredited under OSC regulations, who are generally prepared to invest $500K in private businesses, investing a minimum $100k per portfolio company. Target investments include owner-managed businesses with owners looking to retire.


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We invite you to get involved.
Refer leads and help grow portfolio companies.

We believe the best way to add value to a portfolio company is better management. Our Operator Members are managers, C-suite executives, engineers, private equity professionals, budding entrepreneurs, directors and other working professionals. They bring investment opportunities to PE GATE, lead management buy-outs and help significantly grow our portfolio companies. Our Operator Members take equity stakes in the businesses and their unique industry expertise are matched with each investment to maximize growth and returns.


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The Gate


We offer a secure and private platform for your peace of mind.

The GATE is an advanced platform used by our investors to view investment performance dashboards, manage portfolio companies, view investment opportunities and communicate with PE GATE. The GATE also allows members to anonymously trade shares in private businesses, thereby creating a secondary market. The platform uses a secure protocol (HTTPS) for data encryption, provides secure access, employs advanced security techniques, has detailed audit logs and is built on a safety-first basis to comply with the latest security guidelines.

The GATE is mobile responsive with access available through a desktop, laptop, a tablet or smartphone.

The GATE is mobile responsive with access available through a desktop, laptop, a tablet or smartphone.

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About Us


We are professionals with extensive private equity experience. 

PE Gate is led by Ara Sahakian, CPA, CA, ICD.D, who thoroughly enjoys investing in and growing small businesses. Previously a director at HSBC Private Equity and Transaction Services leader at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ara has extensive investment and operational experience.

PE GATE is supported by associates who take active roles in businesses and an advisory board comprising of PE specialists and industry leaders.


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We believe in giving back to the community. We are taking part in the Canada Summer Jobs program and are looking to hire interns for summer 2019. Qualification details are on Canada Summer Jobs 2019.